Personal History

I am a Japanese artist. I love anything to do with dreams. There is a Japanese word called ”SUTEKI”. It is often used by women. The word carries a sense of refinement and a fantastic nuance; it expresses universal charm and is used frequently in everyday conversations. I base my creations on this theme of "SUTEKI". I put a lot of importance on drawing my artwork by hand as much as possible. This is because a special feeling lingers in the act of drawing by hand, and I trust the blank space of imagination that is created when drawing by hand.


1972 Born in Japan.
1991 Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Arts and Crafts High School's design program.
1991-1992 Worked in the decoration department of a department store.
1992-1994 Worked in an architectural firm.
1995 Established Atelier Sainen.
1999 Solo exhibition at KOOKAI paris TOKYO (paintings).
2016 Exhibition of my own copperplate engraving works (The Imperial Hotel Plaza).

While working behind the scenes in aesthetic supervision and planning, consulting, and providing designs, etc., for various companies, I pursue my very own view of the world by drawing pictures based on the theme of ”SUTEKI”.

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