The Galactic Railroad

The Galactic Railroad・An art book with music

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The Galactic Railroad・An art book with music

2018.8.8 Resale.

Based on the concept of "drawing music," this picture book is a collaboration between the Japanese artist Takeshi Sainen and the musician Moskitoo. Moskitoo, an instrumental musician, created 15 songs based on the well–known children's story "The Galactic Railroad" by Kenji Miyazawa. Then Sainen listened to those songs, and drew the images and scenes that they birthed in his mind, creating a groundbreaking new kind of collective work.

The app has received a number of honors from internet media sources, including being nominated as a finalist for the Yahoo! Internet Creative Award, winning of the Female–Oriented Application Award's grand prize, and being selected as one of the Top–5 Global Apps.

Produce・Art work: Takeshi Sainen
Music: Moskitoo
Text: Kenji Miyazawa
Translator: Roger Prior
Program: Tom

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